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12 x 70ml – All Flavours (1 Box)


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Cool off with our Delicious Ice Pops! Introducing the Chillzy Ice Pops – a Pack of one Green Box, the perfect solution to beat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth. Our delightful Ice pops are available in various mouthwatering flavors. Buy Chillzy Ice pops green box online and enjoy a refreshing and tasty treat any time you want.

Flavors Available- shop Ice Pops Green Box

Choose from a tempting selection of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds:

  • Orange: Tangy and sweet, our orange Ice pops are a classic favorite.

  • Grape: Experience the bold and juicy taste of grapes in every bite.

  • Lemon: The zesty and refreshing lemon flavor is a sensation.

  • Cherry: Savor the rich and fruity goodness of cherries with every lick.

  • Cola: Get a fizzy and nostalgic cola flavor in a convenient freeze pop.

  • Mango: Indulge in the tropical and exotic taste of ripe mangoes.

Why Choose Chillzy Freeze Pops?

    • Quality Ingredients: We use only the finest ingredients to ensure the most delicious taste in every bite.

    • Cooling Delight: Beat the heat with our freeze pops, offering a delightful cooling experience.

    • Versatile Treat: Perfect for kids and adults, our Ice pops are a crowd-pleaser for all ages.

    • Convenient Packaging: Our pack of one green box makes it easy to stock up for your freezer.

How to Order Fruit ice popsicles From Chillzy?

Ready to enjoy the refreshing goodness of Chillzy Ice Popsicles? Ordering is easy:

    • Choose to buy Chillzy Ice Popsicles green box online.

  • Select the number of boxes you want for each flavor.

  • Click the “Add to Basket” button.

  • Review your order in the shopping cart.

  • Proceed to checkout and follow the simple steps to complete your purchase.

You can customize the box based on your flavor.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your order, please contact our customer support team. Chillzy Freeze Pops – Your ticket to frozen delight on a hot day. Take advantage of this, order now, and savor the sweet, icy goodness of our freeze pops!

Who Should Shop Freeze Pops Green Box?

The pack of 12 freeze pops with various flavors is ideal for a broad range of individuals and occasions. 

Do you want to treat your family?

These packs, including orange flavor Freeze Pops, are perfect for families. You get a variety of flavors to satisfy different tastes. They are a great way to keep both kids and adults refreshed and happy on hot days.

Do you want to have a party in your office or workplace?

If you have a freezer at your workplace, our box containing lemon flavor Freeze Pops is great. It’s a great addition to keep employees refreshed and motivated during hot summer days.

Are you a dessert lover?

Dessert enthusiasts can get creative with these freeze pops. You can use them in recipes, cocktails, or even as a flavorful addition to your dessert creations.

Are you a health-conscious individual?

These freeze pops can also be a better-for-you dessert option, as they are lower in calories and sugar than other frozen treats.

So, the pack of 12 freeze pops is versatile and appealing to a wide audience, making it an excellent choice for various occasions and preferences. Whether you want to enjoy a variety of flavors, cool down in the summer, or add some fun to your events, these freeze pops have something for everyone.

Buy a pack of one green box and don’t forget to try Mango flavor Freeze Pops.

The Chillzy Freeze Pops Difference:

With sugar-free options, these freeze pops cater to those who are health-conscious. The freeze pops come in a Tetrapack container, which is very convenient. The pack makes it the perfect on-the-go treat for any occasion.

Uncompromising Quality

Our quality Freeze Pops shows our dedication to high-quality standards. We ensure that every freeze pop is crafted with care. We only use the finest ingredients and maintain the strictest hygiene protocols.

Vibrant and Colorful

Chillzy Freeze Pops aren’t just a treat for your taste buds. They’re also a feast for your eyes! Each freeze pop comes with vibrant colors that make every lick a visual delight. Buy our freeze pops and enjoy.

Naturally-Flavored 1
Naturally Flavored

Say goodbye to artificial flavors and additives. Chillzy believes in the power of nature’s goodness. That’s why our Freeze Pops are made with real fruit. We deliver an authentic taste that’s as close to biting into a fresh fruit as it gets.

Healthiness-Redefined 1
Healthiness Redefined

We understand the importance of making healthier choices. Our freeze pops are designed to provide guilt-free indulgence. You can satisfy your cravings without compromising a balanced lifestyle.

Unleash the Flavor Today!- Shop Frozen Popsicles

For those concerned about their carbon footprint, the packaging is recyclable. Moreover, we also adopt modern sustainability values. Plus, with FSSAI certification, you can indulge in these freeze pops with complete confidence, knowing that they meet stringent quality and safety standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Chillzy Freeze Pops Green Boxes?

Chillzy Freeze Pops Green Boxes are a pack of one box containing 12 freeze pops in a variety of delicious flavors.

What flavors are available in the Chillzy Freeze Pops Green Boxes?

You get six flavors, those are Orange, Grape, Lemon, Cherry, Cola, and Mango in the Chillzy green box.

What is the shelf life of customized Chillzy freeze pops?

Contained within a Tetrapack, our Freeze Pops have a maximum shelf life of 12 months. So you can simply store in your freeze and enjoy as and when you want to enjoy.

What sets Chillzy Freeze pops apart?

Our Freeze Pops come with great flavor and a delightful twist of real goodness. It doesn’t have added preservatives. Comes in vibrant colors, they provide an authentic and visually appealing treat.

Are customized Chillzy freeze pops healthy?

Yes, Chillzy Freeze Pops are made while keeping quality and healthiness in mind. We offer sugar-free options and prioritize using real fruit for guilt-free popsicles.

How can I order Chillzy Freeze Pops Green Boxes online?

Ordering is easy. Choose a number of boxes you want, add them to your cart, review your order, and proceed to checkout. You can also contact our customer support for assistance.


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