Chillzy Freeze Pops – Pack of Two Green Boxes


12 x 70ml – All flavours (2 Boxes)


One-Stop Destination For The Coolest And Most Delicious Freeze Pops: Chillzy Freeze Pops

Freeze Pops were a modest but deep source of delight for youngsters of the 19th century and early 20th century amid extremely hot summertime.

When satisfying your craving for icy treats, there is no better place than Chillzy Freeze Pops. We are your one-stop destination for the most refreshing and delightful freeze pops imaginable. From our exclusive packs of 2 green boxes to various flavors, we’ve got your frosty desires covered.

Shop Chillzy Freeze Pops pack of 2 Green Boxes

First things first: our exclusive Chillzy Freeze Pops pack is something you won’t want to miss. It includes not one but 2 Green Boxes of Freeze Pops. The two boxes are filled with icy goodness also with various flavors of freeze pops.

It is the perfect way to stock up and share the chill with your loved ones. These green boxes are a need, whether you’re planning to treat yourself or to bring back memories from your youth. We sell hundreds of Chillzy flavor ice pops a year, and we know exactly what to mix to give you the best-frozen dessert.

Chillzy Freeze pops is made with no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweetness, and no artificial preservatives. It can be consumed by all age groups of people, like kids, and old age people can eat this.

Discover 2 Green Boxes of Freeze Pops

Chillzy Pops come in a wide range of flavors, from classic fruit ice pop flavors like mango and orange to more unique and exotic options like grape, lemon, and cherry. Generally, the Chillzy freeze pops are sold unfrozen, ready to be popped in the freezer. It comes in a clear plastic tube. The thin plastic pouch is about an inch thick and varies in length.

Buy a Chillzy Freeze Pops pack of two green boxes online, which comes in an unfrozen pack of two boxes that are more than just frozen treats. It consists of various Chillzy flavor ice pops. Whatever flavor you choose, you’re in for a frosty adventure that will keep you coming back for more.

In the 2 green boxes of freeze pops, each ice pop for 32ml costs 10 rupees. You get 12 pops of 6 flavors in one box. This fun pack of flavored ice pops contains a variety of flavors in it.

You can customize the box based on your flavor.

Explore a world of Chillzy flavor ice pops

Mango Flavor Freeze Pops

With the luscious taste of mango flavor freeze pops, it tasted like sunlight and tropical breezes, encapsulating the spirit of summer in a single frosty pleasure. It will transport you to a tropical paradise. 

Orange Flavor Freeze pops

It is a sheer pleasure. The bright orange color and a citrus burst of orange will awaken your senses. Our orange flavor pop is tangy, Sugar-free, and made with real fruit, you won’t stop slurping.  

Grape Flavor Freeze Pops

This grape popsicle is made with fresh seedless grapes, also very good for health and refreshing in the summer season. There is no artificial color added, enjoy the goodness of the fruit with control over the sugar that goes in.

Lemon Flavor Freeze pops

These lemon flavor freeze pops are one of the sweetest combinations of flavors you can imagine. The lemon juice is freshly squeezed. 

The lemon popsicles are perfect for a hot summer day or any time of year. The bright yellow color and raspberry lemonade flavor explosion will surely make you fall for pops even more. 

Cherry Flavor Freeze Pops

Cherry flavor freeze pops are the dessert of the season. Cherry freeze pops are a must. Dive into the world of cherries, which are rich, juicy, and delicious at the time. These flavor freeze pops offer a significant experience that remains unmatched by any other option we have now. 

Cola Flavor Freeze Pops

If you are looking for a tasty treat that won’t wreck your diet, look no further than this best cola blast ice popsicle. This low-calorie-delicious cola blust ice popsicle will take you back to your childhood without the added sugar. 

Shop Chillzy Freeze Pops Pack of 2 Green Boxes

Freeze Pops held significance beyond being good treats. They embodied memories. Each lick and flavor of Freeze Pops from Chillzy has offered a chance to savor experiences from the past. 

So feel free to go and order your Chillzy Freeze Pops online, let the flavors dissolve on your tongue, and allow yourself to be transported back to those days of childhood when happiness was as simple as enjoying a freeze pop.

Don’t miss out on the incredible taste of Chillzy freeze pops. Buy Chillzy Freeze Pops Pack of Two Green Boxes Online Now.

The Chillzy Freeze Pops Difference:

With sugar-free options, these freeze pops cater to those who are health-conscious. The freeze pops come in a Tetrapack container, which is very convenient. The pack makes it the perfect on-the-go treat for any occasion.

Uncompromising Quality

Our quality Freeze Pops shows our dedication to high-quality standards. We ensure that every freeze pop is crafted with care. We only use the finest ingredients and maintain the strictest hygiene protocols.

Vibrant and Colorful

Chillzy Freeze Pops aren’t just a treat for your taste buds. They’re also a feast for your eyes! Each freeze pop comes with vibrant colors that make every lick a visual delight. Buy our freeze pops and enjoy.

Naturally-Flavored 1
Naturally Flavored

Say goodbye to artificial flavors and additives. Chillzy believes in the power of nature’s goodness. That’s why our Freeze Pops are made with real fruit. We deliver an authentic taste that’s as close to biting into a fresh fruit as it gets.

Healthiness-Redefined 1
Healthiness Redefined

We understand the importance of making healthier choices. Our freeze pops are designed to provide guilt-free indulgence. You can satisfy your cravings without compromising a balanced lifestyle.

Unleash the Flavor Today!- Shop Frozen Popsicles

For those concerned about their carbon footprint, the packaging is recyclable. Moreover, we also adopt modern sustainability values. Plus, with FSSAI certification, you can indulge in these freeze pops with complete confidence, knowing that they meet stringent quality and safety standards. Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a simple craving for something delightful, shop frozen popsicles. They will add a burst of joy to your moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Chillzy freeze pops?

Chillzy Freeze Pops are delicious frozen treats. We have made these popsicles to infuse the authentic essence of real taste. These pops are designed to satisfy your taste buds while providing a healthier choice.

What quality standards do Chillzy freeze pops meet?

Chillzy freeze pops hold FSSAI certification. We follow stringent quality and safety standards. So don’t worry. Buy Freeze Pops and enjoy with complete confidence.

What is the shelf life of customized Chillzy freeze pops?

Contained within a Tetrapack, our Freeze Pops have a maximum shelf life of 12 months. So you can simply store in your freeze and enjoy as and when you want to enjoy.

What sets Chillzy Freeze pops apart?

Our Freeze Pops come with great flavor and a delightful twist of real goodness. It doesn’t have added preservatives. Comes in vibrant colors, they provide an authentic and visually appealing treat.

Are customized Chillzy freeze pops healthy?

Yes, Chillzy Freeze Pops are made while keeping quality and healthiness in mind. We offer sugar-free options and prioritize using real fruit for guilt-free popsicles.

Can I find sugar-free options among Chillzy Freeze Pops?

Yes, we offer sugar-free options among our Mango Freeze Pops, catering to those who are health-conscious.


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